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I traded Ryan the La Bala for his Magnum for a few weeks while he did some photo shoots of the car. I drove Ryan car last year this time for about a 2 weeks and I can tell you a few things about before and after.


Acceleration sucked (*****) i mean really and throttle response was mediocre at best. At speed on the freeway it was like slam it to the floor to pass anyone, I am serious. It was not a pleasant drive. Mind you I had a CBR 900 141rwhp, C5 505 RWHP , Mini van and Suburban all of which have performance, drive ability and response . All of which I thought his car was lacking other than a basic commuter that probably got the same mileage as a V8 without a load in it. I AM NOT BASHING THE V6!!!!!


Well i just turned over a pure sports car to Ryan to shoot and well got the Mag back. I was about to embrace th e fact that I would have to deal with hum drum. I got in the car and took of and to my surprise the car responded to my input! I have been driving it and it normally and the attributes that were missing the first time was there. WOW I thought I DO NOT have to mash it off the light to get moving woo hoo its no SRT but it will get out of its own way. The freeway was the best very light on the throttle with quick response and what seems to be faster downshifts.

The drive ability is what Chrysler should have sent out from the factory! The whole driving experience was pleasurable, with the throttle control more fluid and far less choppy than before! I logged 29.7 MPG average 1/2 city and 1/2 freeway with the changes. I had my Wife and 3 of my kids in the car for a day and it was a pleasant drive. The car was pleasant and responded as its should with a full load.

My hat is off to Ryan for what he has done for this car.

Ported TB
Ported manifold
Jet Coated valve covers

If your looking to get a little more drive ability look into what Ryan has done for the V6 crowd. I wrote this because I was truly impressed with all he has done.
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