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VA emissions...OBD monitor "not ready" status. Need to pass to get plates renewed!

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OK, My 09 R/T is getting its first emissions testing done. I just relocated to a part of northern Va that requires emissions testing. The test is now due. I took it the other day and the inspector said it rejected because it comes up not ready. He does the regular inspection for me and knows the car isn't driven but around 1000 miles a year. I also had to replace the battery a couple of months ago as the original finally died. He had me leave and go drive it for a half hour and bring it back and it failed again. Same code. He said to take it on a long drive over the wknd and we can try again. Little does he know, shortly after buying it I took it to Arrington and had a cam installed, and the computer was re-tuned. I also have no cats, but figured I would try anyway. I still have the original catted mid pipes which I can re-install which I'm sure I will have to. Could the lack of the cats be causing the O2 sensors not to read? or could they be turned off in the tune which is causing this? Any one know of someone that will get this passed? HE HE :D I am attaching my report.
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Guaranteed your rear o2's are turned off in the tune and as stated you can drive it until the wheels come off but it aint going to help. You need a new tune with those monitors turned on AND install some cats.
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