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Vehicle Registration if not Built

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So, today I went to my dealer here in Europe, who still is convinced that the car I want is already built and on the way. He showed me the title which was on his name. (only possibility to get it registered here in Luxembourg).
On this title there is only his name, Car type an VIN. No color. Does the DMV check the car? Do they need to see the car? Is it really possible to register a car that is still not built?

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Chrysler has not started production of GWE Challengers yet. The only one that have been built are the show circuit cars.

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Yes I know, but how is it possible to get titles for a car that has not been build? Is that possible in the US? Because here, the DMV checks the car, we have to go to a car control station, where they check everything before you can registrate it
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