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Let me start by saying I'm not -really- considering doing this, but I can't help thinking about it.

If one were to install Kenne Bell's 2.8L LC supercharger, they offer as an option a DBW throttle body that is...

148mm in size

Look at this thing:


This is way, way overkill for the size SC I would be looking at. KB's site says its for over 600hp applications. That a smidge over the total my 8lbs max boost on a 5.7 would achieve. (And by smidge I mean a whole lot.)

Here's a fairly cheesy video showing a before and after on a 6.4L Hemi install:

I think its interesting that it produced 20hp with less than a 1lb of boost.

Did I mention it's an eye-watering $800?

Price aside, I wonder what something like this would do to drive-ability? What craziness would you need to do to the tune to get this to not light switch like a mo-fo.

I thought it might be something fun to discuss.
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