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Flowmasters Laminar Flow Technology

1.Entry Cone
Hot exhaust gases entering the tapered inlet section are actually accelerated as they pass through the perforated
cone into the outer core area. The perforation pattern and entry angle are specifically engineered
into each product to provide optimum airflow characteristics. The sound energy is reflected and redirected
back into itself as well as into the outer thermal core by the carefully selected taper angle of the entry cone.

2.Laminar Flow Area
The hot exhaust gases are released and allowed to expand into this section in multiple layers due to the tapered angle of the entry cone. This produces a controlled laminar flow pattern that reduces turbulence inside the muffler. Sound waves lose energy in this section through the expansion of the exhaust gases and reflective angles of the cones, which direct the waves into the thermal barrier material.

3.Thermal Barrier
The thermal barrier between the outer core section and the muffler case provides a portion of the mufflers sound energy absorption characteristics. This thermal barrier is engineered to deliver much lower exterior case temperatures, allowing the muffler to be placed closer to heat sensitive areas.

4.Exit Cone
The increased surface area and angle of the tapered exit cone provide an "easy exit" for the hot exhaust gases that encourages the flow out of the muffler. The carefully selected
taper angle of the exit cone directs and focuses the sound energy back into itself. This convergence of sound waves reduces the sound level as it passes out of the muffler.
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