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VIDEO: Took a Cruise Yesterday

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Yesterday was a good day. Played hooky from work and Ken (heartlandvideo) and I went on a little run to checkout some new roads. I took the video camera along to record a certain section of the cruise route known as FM 3090, or in Ken's words "The Crown Jewel". This is headed south from Carlos to Navasota TX. And this is now my new favorite road!!!

For those that went on the Daylight Savings Cruise a few weeks ago, you will recognize this stretch and hopefully it will bring back fond memories. For those that are still in hibernation or don't get to drive many back roads, jump in the passenger seat and ride along as Sandra guides us through some twisty back roads of Texas.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

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That FM 3090 is one great road! I was behind Chuck and I almost never saw his
brake lights. That was all done with downshifting folks! I think the only time the
brakes were tapped is on one or two extremely tight corners and when that
big ass motorhome came around the corner riding the yellow line. Yikes!
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