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I’ve wanted to upgrade the front brakes for a while. I take the car up to the canyons often and experience brake fade on the longer canyon roads. I was planning on just swapping to the hellcat 6 pistons, but I stumbled onto Wesley Motorsports. Wesley Motorsports is known for the pikes peak Challenger upgraded with almost all Mopar parts. I saw they had viper brakes on their challenger and fell in love with the idea of having the brakes of an ACR on my ScatPack. I was in luck. Wesley was already working on kits to sell.

Viper Brakes Vs Hellcat Brakes
"Compared to the production 6 piston Hellcat Brembo Caliper, the Viper ACR Caliper is lighter, stronger, and utilizes Titanium Pistons to facilitate improved heat resistance and pad fade. The most beneficial improvement is the virtual elimination of the horrendous pad taper found with the OEM 6 piston Brembo. This means your expensive brake pads last longer when punished at Track Days." - Wesley Motorsports.

To run this kit you need SRT spindles. The only con of the viper brake kit is how expensive it is compared to a hellcat brake kit you can easily find used if you are going from a 4 piston to 6 pistons. 4 piston owners will need to buy rotors and pads as well

To install the viper caliper you have to use the adapter provided and grind down to kunkle a bit.





Wesley was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. My first set ACR brakes came damaged because UPS and Wesely replaced them right away. Anytime I had a question they would reply right away. I could not have been happier with their customer service and how the brakes turned out. Wesley helped with assembling a whole kit sourcing me oem rotor hats, girodisc rotors, and Hawk DTC-60 pads. The brakes bite down hard and feel great. I cannot wait to hit the canyons with them

Pictures of end result


Wesley still has kits available if you are looking to go this route.

Bonus my car is running OEM Demon Rims in the rear with 305s

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