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On my TX car registration paper, I noticed it cites "3600 lbs"...I'd luv for that to be true! ;)

I read elsewhere, it is possible to deduce the car weight by looking at the GVWR mark and passenger/cargo figure given in the door sill. Take that difference, and it should be the vehicle weight. So I read-out 5300 lbs gross and 950 lbs max for passenger/ a whopping car weight of 4350 lbs!...certainly hope that's not true!

My car is essentially a no-options RT. I've been told that 3850-3900 lbs is about what to expect for it, and I'm quite fine with that. Just thought it was funny where those 2 other sources described above pointed me.

What kind of outlandish figs have you guys encountered on your car from off the beaten path sources?
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