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I sold my challenger like a fool about 4 years ago, and I'm not up on the 2015+ interfacing, but from the sound of your ambitions, a DSP would be a worthwhile upgrade if you ask me. I ran a 3 way active front-page in my '12. Running active through a DSP eliminates all of the crossover physical components and replaces them with one larger brain that can mount along side your amplifier. The only drawback to all of the flexibility that a DSP running active is that you must have a channel of amplification for each individual speaker/driver.

The custom tuning flexibility can feel daunting at first, but after an hour or two with a laptop plugged in you'll have this blanket grin on your face. DSPs typically come with long, detailed guides on setting them up, and many of the newer options on the market make it much easier to have a 90% tune within 5 minutes.

We did a kappa install in my GFs Honda Civic with a 2 way component set up front, stock rears, and a pair of my old Perfect 10.1s in the trunk, all powered by an Infinity Reference 5 channel suspended from the bottom of the rear deck. The amp, box, and speaker install only took about a half day, but I'd already gotten a head start on installing a Pioneer double din and sound deadened the doors. I've had infinity kappa 6x9s in an old Ram and wasn't a big fan of the midbass response, but these kappa 6.5" components sound much better than those did. Before adjusting the subwoofer crossovers and high passing the midbass, they put out a reasonable amount of punch down low. They're still a more treble focused set in my opinion, and don't rise to the level of my current Dynaudio 3 way setup, but with a sub and depending on musical taste, they're a very detailed set for the price point.

I custom fabbed my midrange and tweeters into my challengers A pillars. It was vastly superior to installing them into the dashboard, but it can be very driver specific. My tweeters and mids were dome style and forgiving of off axis response. They still benefitted quite a bit from being brought on axis and aimed at the opposite side's headrest. The dash location for the mids in my challenger created some harsh "constructive interference patterns" in the 2-4k range, right in then middle of some of the harshest guitar and vocal sounds. I no longer install domes in dashes firing up at windshields.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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