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Hello all, I am in The San Francisco Bay Area, so I would prefer to deal with those locally.

I have a staggered set of Gloss black 22 inch Dodge Viper Replicas with tires. 22x9 up front and 22x10 for the rear. Tires are 265/35/22 and 295/30/22 (sorry I don't remember the brand, I can check when back home). They are in good condition, very little rash (touched up), good thread on the tires.

I would like to trade for a set of 20 inch Viper reps, preferably in black with tires also. Or will trade for a set of 20 inch SRT, Hellcat, or Demons wheels with tires. Rims and tires in good condition please. OEM or replicas are fine, just let me know if they are or not.

Here's the rub: I have these at home, mounted on a non working Dodge Charger, so we would have to actually do the swap and take them off at my house. I apologize in advance because I know it is a hassle rather than swapping and leaving. Reason I'm looking to trade is because I have a Challenger now, and did not want to mount them due to the weight (although my friends tell me I should put them on). I really like how much faster the Challenger is compared to my base model Charger, especially when I had those heavy reps on.

I will take close up pics, but the current pic is what it looks like mounted on my Charger.

Apologies for the long post. Please send me a message if you are interested.


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