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Be very careful buying from here they will play games with you. Most of there cars are damaged as well at this place shocked me to see a new 2014 car with lots of damage being brand new.

Long story short I had to sell my motorcycle(nasty accident, wife was freaked out) sold it used the money to buy a new car. Loss my job at time of buying well day after. Loan was approved and went through. one month later dealership called saying my loan was not approved (BS). Tried to tell me if I don't return the car they would repo that was a joke they wish they could have. Talked to the GM and warned that I would go to corporate and also sue them if they even thought about touching the car I was paying for already and breaching my contract. They basically wanted me to pay higher interest (I got a 2.0% interest rate "don't ask how") plus they never fixed my bumper they sold to me damaged with a nasty gash on it. 4 months later finally bumper fixed.

I came in with a paperwork so got the price right and even less do to the damnges and not being put into the test drive car I was in(my fault for that). Some of this is my fault for being an idiot and using them to finance instead of a credit union but also I was out of a job too LOL so I was rushing to finalize this before I was stuck with no fun man toy LOL.

Anyways lesson learned just watch your self closely at this place most of these guys don't even know info about the car specifics luckily I researched the car in depth plus I am a mopar fan to heart.

I am happy with the car but will not go back there not even for service I will be going to another dealership for that till I get over 10k on the car then do my own services sense I can wrench.
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