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...that new orange is looking pretty sweet! Been wanting a lime Challenger since 2008. GWE is a great colour, but its not lime. I love the Hemi orange a lot, but this 'new and improved', lighter, brighter orange is looking better and better. I may just get an orange 2012.

This new orange shows Chrysler is listening. Many called for 'Vitamin C' to come back. They could have just reissued HO, which is what I thought they were going to do for '12, but this new Header Orange is great. Little more stand-out colour. Us High-Impact guys like that! :)

As for the lime...I really believe Chrysler is going to produce it before the end of the Challenger run in 2014 or so. They did it on the 2007 Charger...

Anyone else looking seriously at the new orange??

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I like that color for sure.

But I saw lime and GWE side by side, the GWE kills the sublime to me.

Good luck deciding.
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