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What are the best HID kits?

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I got some about 3 months ago but now the brightness has faded so much that they hardly light up the road. Price isn't a concern, I just want to know what is the best ones to get so the bulbs don't fade in 2 or 3 months. The ones I got were from Ebay so they had no warranty. I found this HID site which covers the bulbs for a year, but what color should I get? I want one that's really bright and still looks cool. This site like any other sites recommends 6000k? Is it true?

Thanks in advance!
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Personally, I would say the "best" solution as far as performance & safety would be to retrofit HID-specific projectors into your existing halogen headlamps or an OEM swap of the entire assembly.

The following link explains why HID kits in non-HID applications are a bad idea especially in a reflector headlamps. (HINT: reflector headlamps and halogen projectors are designed to work with a specific halogen bulb/light source. Alter the physical characteristics of that source and you negatively impact the performance of the light the headlamps emit).:
Thinking of Converting to HID?

This one gives you some information regarding light wavelengths/colors and why some perform so poorly and cause problems for fellow motorists:
Dangerous, illegal, blue headlight bulbs
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