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Got back to my car at the airport and found it covered in sand and two week old bird poo all over the hood, went to a car wash ASAP but the stains wouldn't go after pressure washing and shampoo. Then on the way home driving at 85 MPH on the highway, my hood rubber weather stripping broke off (Melted from the heat) and started slapping my hood over and over like a whacky inflatable man covered in sand and melted rubber, I stopped to the side as soon as I could but the clear coat scratches were already done... It also put a ton of sticky rubber residue on the hood. A bad start to my day for sure, I'll be taking my car to a professional detailer when I'm free.

I replaced the painted bolts I had in my bumper to cover the plate holes with black plastic push pins. Looks more flush but still not perfect, there are scratches from the old plate and screws... The previous owner drilled five (!!) holes and what looks like an attempted hole. One isn't shown which is hidden under my current front plate number to the driver's side. Looking forward to getting a Hellcat bumper next year, but I'm wondering if I can just remove my R/T badge and stick it onto the Hellcat one without issues.

Today was also supposed to be the day when my Koni shocks arrive but apparently it hasn't shipped and is still on backorder from Jegs... I'm disappointed to say the least.


12281 - 12282 of 12282 Posts
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