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What happens w/180 thermostat?

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What happens w/180 thermostat if you don't adjust any settings?

Does it require a Predator or similar device to change the settings or is there a "manual" way?

Just curious...
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If you want to adjust the fans you have to have a predator. I don't know if it helps much without changing the fans or not. I'm thinking about getting a thermostat and was wandering if I will get worse gas mileage? I've heard they make the car run rich, anything to this?

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as long as you a moving 35mph and more, the fan settings mean nothing. below 35, the 180 degree thermostat will heat up just like it did stock. the fans control the coolant temp at low speeds.

there is also the cool-it fan mod. the guy who makes the NO-ESP mod make it. it might be on his website
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