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73 318 or 340 only I think. 360 available in 74 (Replacing 340)

A Guy
Correct. ‘73 still had the 340, and the 360 was a B and C body option only with a 2bbl. In ‘74 the 360 replaced the 340 as the small block performance option in the A/B/E Body and got the 340 intake, heads, cam and exhaust.

Pretty sure the above motor is a 2bbl based on the small diameter air cleaner. The 4bbl one is bigger and has a notch in the front to clear the AC compressor. If the motor is original to the car, then it is a 318, but could have been swapped for anything, including a 340 with a 2bbl intake. 😆
21 - 21 of 21 Posts