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Car is a 2016 RT+ STP. With the stock forged WRT 20" wheels and Goodyear RSA2 tires my best time was 13.7 at 101 (or 102 cant remember exactly) mph with zero mods.

I have since added
Flowmaster American Thunder Cat Back,
Hellcat Intake with AFE Pro Dry S filter
Barton Shifter
Diablosport Trinity which should be here next week
180 tstat
NGK plugs 1 step colder
Rear Seat Delete and (removed engine cover :laugh2:)
Nitrous Express wet plate 100 shot with all the goodies.

Just as a guess or fun... what improvements in my 1/4 could I see compared to my stock times N/A? How about with the 100 shot?

I figure N/A I didn't do a whole lot to improve that. Probably dropped 100 lbs total if the suitcase and resonators are factored in.. When the Trinity gets here it'll open me up to my next planned mods. Getting this 392 cam installed with JBA headers and high flow cats. Cut some timing and run a 125 shot.

What 'could' I be running with a 392 cam and headers? Just wondering. I love my car. I just would like to piss off some mustangs and Camaros around here every now and then. I'd like to get in the 12.5-13.0 range without the spray.
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