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Wheel Spacers/Wheel Stud Length

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I recently purchased 20x9 Niche Verona wheels from AmericanMuscle . From the research I did, it looked like 20x9 would fit all 4 corners fine on my Challenger, but when I went to my local tire shop and test fit the wheels, they were hitting the control arm and wouldn't fit (which I thought was odd). I bought them open box, so I can still return them, but only for AmericanMuscle credit, and I really like the wheels I got so I'd rather not return them. So I'm looking into getting wheel spacers, that way I get a more aggressive stance as well as fixing my fitment problem. I was looking at 25mm spacers, so I wanted to ask if anyone had done this before? And do I need to replace the wheel studs or anything like that? I've done a bit of modding before, but nothing involving this so its a whole new world for me.

I was also looking at an Eibach kit that come with longer studs, but it wont be in stock until late July, and obviously I don't want to wait nearly two months to put on wheels I bought a couple weeks ago.

Car: 2015 Challenger SXT
Wheels: Niche Challenger Verona Gloss Black Wheel - 20x9 M168209091+38 (08-20 All, Excluding Demon & Hellcat)
Spacers: (says it comes with replacement studs)
If I don't need to do anything with the studs, I would buy these: 2 Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x115 25mm Thick Fits Charger Challenger Magnum 300 | eBay
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Stock Challenger wheels are usually +20 to +25 offset IIRC, (my 20x9 are 25), Those wheels are 38, so you would need to push them out about 12-15mm, I would try and find a 15mm set of spacers, hubcentric of course, stock studs should be fine
5x115 bolt spacing 71.5mm hub bore 15mm spacers with studs. Something like this

5x115 Dodge Hub Centric Wheel Spacers 14x1.5 For Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum Mopar Discount code 10offbuynow

A Guy
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