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wheel wells

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Im not sure if all models are the same, but on the SE, has anybody else noticed that the rear wheel wells are vented??

Do you think this is a poor design?

for people who are driving their car during the winter, or a daily driver.. would it not allow for salt, sand, etc. to go up inside your rear bumper and sit there? rotting from the inside out without you ever knowing?
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Tons of manufactures are doing this. Heck, the full sized Chevy trucks don't have anything for wheel wells at all.

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Since the exhaust pipe and rear resonator is located between the wheel well and the rear bumper (urethane bumper cover and plastic wheel well liner) its probably to get some air movement around the resonator for cooling.

When at cruise, the volume of exhaust gas is greater (higher continuous rpm) and the rear exhaust components will run hotter. At idle and lower speeds the exhaust cools down the further downstream of the engine the components are located.

The cooler air would probably benefit the plastic / urethane compenents by not having all that heat trapped there. I could imagine these could warp or discolor if there was a lot of heat build-up over a period of time, unless metal heat sheilding is provided.

The urethane covers won't rust or rot - no metal there, so not worry about rust issues. All the trim levels (SE, R/T, SRT8) have the venting slots in the rear well liners.

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I was watching an episode of Top Gear where they are reviewing one of the supercars, can't remember which one it was, and they specifically pointed out that the back wheel wells were vented for aerodynamics and the drag coefficient. Apparently at high speeds non-vented wheel wheels build up air pressure increasing drag. Now is this the reason why our Challengers have them? I'm not sure but it sounds like a good excuse. lol it's not like we are driving over 200 MPH very often.
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