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I plan to buy a set of tire just for lapping (but must be drivable on street) and I choosed Nitto NT05 275/40R20.

NT05 Max Performance Tire

Pretty simple: There is not a ton of choice in this size.

I thought, first to go on 18inches, but there is no choice that will give me the same width and the same height in this kind of tires.

So, the "problem" is more the wheel choice.

I choosed the size to fit with tire: 20X9.

I started first to look at repro wheel, as US wheels, Replika etc but I'm not sure they can stand the requirement of lapping... in fact, I'm affraid they won't support all this "stress".

OE wheel from SRT can be interesting, but they are very expensive. But I don't reject the idea completly.

The other choice is aftermarket.
I found 2 interesting models, very diffrent.

1- Mickey Thompson SC-5 Flat Black.
They have the right size, bolt pattern and center bore (no need to install a centering ring)
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

2- Axis Model 2 Matte Graphite. (look a little bit as HellCat wheels :wink3: )
They have the right size and bolt pattern, but a centering ring is needed.
Model Two ? Axis Wheels

I wrote to both compagny to ask them about using these wheels for more than just road and I did not receive any answer yet... closed for Christmas/New Year time.

I don't know why, but Mickey Thompson ones make me more confident.

What are you thinking about these wheels and do you have more suggestion?
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