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Where to take my Challenger near Baumholder

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Hello All,

My car finally got here took 2.5 months. Now I am wondering where I will be taking it for services. I was originally told the Fiat in Idar-Oberstein. However their website does not list Dodge as a partnered company. Basically if they do not Sell Dodge why would I give them my car to work on. The Car Care center on post could probably handle 99% of the Services I will need but I want to basically know if their is a certified place around me that works Challengers. I don't need to fill some germans pants with the proverbial load because he/she has never seen one....
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Yeah that was the last 3 weeks of the 2.5 months awaiting delivery from Bremerhaven. It got there the 28th of June. They require you to have it delivered now actually. Can't go do customs til it gets to final destination or some crap it is one of the things I have to do today so that I can actually pick it up among other things like register. Apparently there is a rule that says if you require a short plate (back bumper) it has to be safety inspected first before registration can finish so I ill have to go get temp plates to get inspected and then go back to finish.

So FIAT does own Dodge and Chrysler ok that's good FIAT aint all that far from me then a good 20 mins.
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