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I agree with ToxicTouchR/T, the R/T is a great daily driver for a bunch of reasons. That's not to say the SRT can't be a good daily driver, many folks here drive their SRTs daily. I don't but I am preserving my cars for the next guy lol. The difference btw between my 6.1 and my 6.4 (392) is like WOW!!! The 6.1 is nice, it's fast but the upgraded 392 has so many little improvements and that 392 engine is just pure awesome!!! If you had both cars for a week/month you would know doubt get a 392 SRT. Maintenance and consumables will be slightly more for the SRT than the R/T, especially on tires, (Performance tires) and yeah gas too.

My best advice to you is to actually drive every single car you are considering and then make a decision.

Oh and I only paid $38k for my YJ SRT several months ago and it only had 1500 miles on it, almost brand new still!! This is a car that stickered $53,500.00 new. There are great deals to be had out there.
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