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Which model/year to buy?

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Hi everyone. I've been doing some searching for used SRT8's as well as pricing RT models. I was wondering what those of you more experienced with this car think of the following.
I have found some 2010 SRT's (6.1L) with very low miles for approximately 35,000. (One has only 750 miles) I have also found some SRT8's with the 392 for approximately 40,000 with similar mileage. I'm also considering an RT because of the bang for the buck, but I've been spoiled by the "feel" of the 392. I question is which is the better buy, considering that it will be my DD.
In particular would a 2010 SRT8 be a good choice compared to a 2013 for $5000-7000 more? Is the newer car worth the extra cost? What are the performance differences? I'm not concerned about the actual age of the car, I have no intention of letting it go for a very long time.
Thank you!
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I have a near perfect condition 2010 SRT-8 with 18K miles that I am going to put up for sale to downsize. It is my wife's car that she drove to work on only nice days, and never driven after first snow even on good days. We are considering selling it because I already have a 2012 SRT-8 and we are just going to share that car. I am going to put ads out in the next couple days when I get the time... PM if interested... Good luck...
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