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Which model/year to buy?

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Hi everyone. I've been doing some searching for used SRT8's as well as pricing RT models. I was wondering what those of you more experienced with this car think of the following.
I have found some 2010 SRT's (6.1L) with very low miles for approximately 35,000. (One has only 750 miles) I have also found some SRT8's with the 392 for approximately 40,000 with similar mileage. I'm also considering an RT because of the bang for the buck, but I've been spoiled by the "feel" of the 392. I question is which is the better buy, considering that it will be my DD.
In particular would a 2010 SRT8 be a good choice compared to a 2013 for $5000-7000 more? Is the newer car worth the extra cost? What are the performance differences? I'm not concerned about the actual age of the car, I have no intention of letting it go for a very long time.
Thank you!
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I think as a DD it will come down to two things for you: cost and what you want.

If cost is a concern, the R/T will save you in purchase price of the vehicle, gas and insurance. I know that it's a 2 MPG difference but depending on gas prices and how many miles you put on it as a daily driver it can add up over time. Also, there will probably be insurance differences. Before I picked up my car I was able to contact my agent, provide VINs of the cars I was looking at and they let me know insurance cost per year. There is a difference between models and based on your insurance there could be enough of a difference to weigh in your decision.

If the cost of vehicle, insurance and MPG doesn't bother you between the models then only think about picking up what you want and think about it from the perspective of from one year from now would you be wishing that you would have picked a different model?

I picked the R/T as it was the best compromise of performance, options and cost for me. I'm not a racer, so performance doesn't have the same focus for me than others. If your likes are more heavily on the performance side and you're ok with any price difference then an SRT is definately the right choice for you.
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