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My 2010 Challenger SRT8 has been making a whistling noise that seems to be coming from inside the front left fender? It doesn't happen every time I start it and it doesn't change when the RPMs change. It sounds like it's coming from inside the front left fender, toward the front. It sounds like the same noise you hear when you turn the key to the On position, like a pump of some sort. Usually you turn the key to On, the pump goes for a couple seconds, then the noise goes away. But occasionally if I get in and just press the brake and hit start, the engine will start and I will hear that same noise while the engine is running, and it doesn't go away until I turn the car off. Usually if I turn it off and restart it will go away. It's a low volume, high pitch whining/whistling sound that sounds a little like alarm, but it sounds exactly like that pump sound that I mentioned.

I had a Magnuson Supercharger installed so the dealer just blames the noise on the supercharger. Any ideas what this noise is?

I have some mp3s of the noise but it won't let me attach them here?!?!
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