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i have an intune dcx 1000 for a 13 challenger r/t looking for a email tune, i have kooks long tube headers w/ the high flow cats, 87mm throttle body, 180°themostat, K&N cai & billet tech catch can?

thanks for the help ahead of time

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I have used Johan for 4 years now. Everything from the stock motor to adding a blower, then onto a stroker motor with the blower. Tuned by Johan.
Track tuned by me and Trinity. I do data log every run, just to see whats going on in the passes. All through e mail BTW ya ya a dyno is supposed to be better. Not IMO.
Safer yes.
Having the tuner live lets him hear and see whats going on. He can lean in the motor harder with more timing ect. that he wont do fwith e mail. Making the motor safe to operate is one of his goals of course...
In my case, its a little different as he knows how and what Im doing. Its all my baby if I decide to have him go to the ragged edge and the motor pops.
Ill just build another one, bigger, and better.
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