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This is what I'd do and just a suggestion, but e-mail all of the people that you mentioned and tell them what you're looking for and want and let them take it from there. Some might have better pricing than some of the others, some might be easier to tune (I'd guess Jay Greene could tune his own cams in his sleep but that's just a guess) and weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of each person. I'd also search this forum for Folks that have used each of the businesses and how they like them and their products.

Customer Service is a Big deal to me because things don't always go smoothly and the sign of a good business is one that handles those problems in a efficient and Professional manner.

Back to the cam............My thoughts about putting a cam in is that if I'm in for a penny, then I'm in for a pound. I'd want one that has the Rumpity Rump, Choppy sound but not at the expense of being able to drive the thing.

Please let us know which one that you decide to use and which cam that you go with and Good Luck! (y)
1 - 1 of 56 Posts