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I installed a MMX NSR cam in a friend's SRT 392 - I like the way the cam behaves - no loss of low or mid range and very good driveability. His rwhp is ~ 485 with the NSR cam.

this is in an M6 and you don't have to slip the clutch or go higher revs over what a stock M6 / 392 would drive like so it works great for daily driving

It has idle lope - MMX sells a version that is even more lope, but it sacrifices power.

I have a another friend that is looking at doing a cam swap for his 392, and probably will go with the Max Effort NA cam, which requires springs.

Any of the MMX cams require the phaser limiter which you're probably aware of.

If I were going to put a cam in my own 392, I'd go with the Max Effort NA cam.
Hall, did the new cam allow for a higher RPM ceiling?
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