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I'm not looking so much for peak numbers, but for reduced 0-60's, more torque in the mid to high RPM range, minimal loss of low end torque and throttle response, and max possible gains throughout the entire power band, while maintaining good everyday drivability and not requiring a torque converter.
What you stated in the section above is almost impossible to do. When you purchase a cam it changes everything in the way an engine acts. More torque in mid to HIGH rpm is going to require a converter to work properly.
If you want torque and driveability then dont be looking at "2" or "3" stage cams. One step above stock is where you want to look. Then it becomes unreasonable to spend 1000 to 1500 on the parts. Thats not even with labor and tuning. Theres so much more than just changing a cam to get power. Its a package and understanding of what you want the engine to do BEFORE even considering a change. Most cams will require converter and gears plus the rest of the engine components to get power. It takes a complimented engine and NOT just one or two parts to make it work right and actually gain hp and torque. My advice to you is stay stock. Otherwise your going to waste $$ and be slower and disappointed only to pay someone to remove everything youve done. Understand what one component change will do to the rest of the engine. Then decide on what to do, but if i was in your situation. Id stay stock.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts