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Why I hate Varmints...

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Today was a busy day for me and my Challenger. After waking it up from winter hibernation, I replaced the passenger's side rocker molding (bottom got chewed up somehow), added Mopar mud guards, painted the calipers, removed the Goat Head from my wheels, added a 85mm TB, and changed the oil.

When I opend my hood, I heard something rattle all the way from the front of the hood to the back. I then saw a few pieces of acorn shell fall out of one of the holes in the back of the hood. I then shook the hood a bit and a ton of acorn pieces fell out. I also moved the hood scoop downspouts and again, acorn pieces fell out. After some more shaking and vacuuming, I think I got all the crap out. When I took off my plastic engine cover there were more chewed up acorns on the passenger's valve cover. I then notice some pink insulation tucked under the intake. Yup, a small nest was built there. I had to pick all of the insulation out and vacuum everything up. Fun!! I checked all the wiring and did not see any damage. The car started up and ran fine.

Well I can definately say that those ultrasonic pest control devices do not work. I had three positioned around my car. I have officially declared war on all mice and chipmunks on my property:rocket:
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I have a motorhome heading into the shop next week for varmint damage (both squirrel and mice). Half dozen chewed wires deep within the walls somewhere. I had a 1991 Interpid that had to get towed to the shop a few years back for a mouse chewing through all the injector wires. I had an original headliner in my 69 Charger destroyed by mice. I have tried mothballs (worthless), traps, unltra sonic sound devices, nothing works. I did read you could spread AJAK around the tires of your car, and they won't cross that. But not real easy to do, unless the car is parked long term.

I have resorted to shooting them whenever I can:fight:. And buckets of antifreeze laying around is a great trap (they love the sweet smell, try to drink, fall in and die), but the hazards of having a bucket of antifreeze outweigh the positives of killing them....

Regardless, I feel your pain.
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