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This will be long winded, so please bear with me.

Yesterday my wife called me while she was in lunch and told me the car (2015 R/T) wouldn't start, but all the lights were flashing and door locks wouldn't work. I was able to finally get up to her job and nothing was working. Couldn't get the car to go to the ACC or on position, couldn't get it to start and the brake pedal was super stiff. Pulled the battery cables for about a minute then reconnected them. Could at least switch between acc and on now, but still no start. Went and bought a new battery and voila car started, but now the wipers won't stop going and I have no TCS, also turn signals don't work. A friend of mine is a Dodge Sr Tech and said that it sounds like the switch that's in the windshield wiper/turn signal stalk. Has anyone ever replaced one of these, and if so, how hard is it? I'm relatively tech savvy, but have never messed with anything electrical.

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In the Chilton online manual

2015> Dodge> Challenger> Repair

Their search sucks so I'll tell you how to get there, took some figuring out. In search box paste

B1D9C-00-Steering Column Tilt Switch

1st result will be

B1D9C-00-Steering Column Tilt Switch
Diagnosis and Testing


Click on that. Scroll down to Refer to Electrical/8E - Electronic Control Modules/MODULE, Steering Column Control/Removal Click on that link


Results will be


Those show what's involved. Good luck, Chllngrswpr or others can likely advise on precautions to assure you don't screw up steering angle, etc.

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