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Won't start

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My 2016 challenger stopped cranking... Unfortunately, my bumper to bumper wore off about 600 miles ago. It ends up being the fuel pump fuse. I swap it and the car runs for about 30 seconds and then dies. Fuse is blown again. Mechanic friend suggested that the fuel pump is bad. Replace the fuel pump and it still won't crank. It's not blowing fuses and I can hear the pump turn on when I try to start the car or switch it to run. I am at a loss here. Any suggestions on what could be happening would be greatly appreciated.
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Hard to imagine a bad fuel pump fuse would prevent the engine from cranking. From starting and running, sure. But AFAIK the fuel pump is not in any way involved in the electronics/electrical circuit that cranks the engine.

With the fuel pump fuse blown I would verify the fuse pump relay is good. A tech uses a bypass relay.

If the relay proves to be ok turn your attention to the battery. The battery supplies all the electrical power when the ignition is turned on and during the engine crank/start phase. If the battery is low it can crank the engine but the engine may not start. There is not high enough voltage to cause a spark when the electrical power to the coils are cut off. The engine can crank just fine -- until the battery runs down more -- but the engine won't run. It may make a feeble attempt to run if the battery power is borderline at the coil operation threshold.

Or the battery can crank and start the engine but the alternator needs electrical power from the battery to energize its rotor. The amount of electrical power to the rotor controls the amount of electrical power the alternator produces.

If the battery is weak or bad it may start out supplying sufficient power to alternator but after a bit it fails and the engine dies. Then not starting after this would not be surprising.
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