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WTB Car Cover

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Any Recommendations? I dont want to pay over 75
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my recommendation is at that price point, be prepared to be highly disappointed.
I've used car covers for years. To save money, I was going cotton/poly blend for breathing. but affordability. This was on my 60s cars and my ragtop Sebring. I once bought a $100 all cotton cover from Beverly Hills Auto. Don't ever, ever get all polyester. Bottom line is, the sun and wind does wear them out if it is outside. But listen, Challenger paint jobs are too nice to scratch by being cheap. Shop for a good soft, breathable model, and don't scrimp. I'm now shopping for a in-garage cover for my deep water blue, and it needs to be as soft as baby fur seal (but synthetic, of course to harm no seals). You will not regret a better cover, just shop prices once you choose the model. And the less sun and less moisture, the better. Leave cheap covers for cheap cars.
Got a recommendation?
I'm currently researching this myself for the Challenger, so my info is partial. I have a "Covercraft" cover my wife bought for me at an estate sale, and it is currently covering my Sebring outside but it is big, and may fit the Challenger. I love the cover and it seems to be a quality product, but I won't put it on the Challenger until I evaluate it for potential scratching risk. It works great outdoors, and is heavy. So it blocks all sun, and does not seem to trap water on the car

Forget what I said about Beverly Hills Motorsports before. I just checked them out online, and they are custome made, but over $500, I just found out. Someone once told me they have lifetime warranty, but I'm not sure about that.

The covers I have used for years on my old cars are thin (one layer) cotton/polyester blend from the local autoparts stores, and I can say they dry out fine when used outdoors, but they get thin in the sun after a year or two, and they also billow and blow around a lot in the wind, so I assume that causes light scratching. They have worked well for me inside a garage, but just be sure to check the packaging for specifications on their breathability if you purchase at the auto store.

I'm going to search for something to specifically avoid scratching inside the garage. If you use one outside, I would recommend a multi-layer, heavier model, and recommend getting the right fit and tieing it on to avoid that billowing and blowing around that I have experienced.

Sorry I'm not offering any firm brand or style recommendation, just rambling a bit on my experiences. But I would summarize, get something made for car buffs, not the general crowd, and get something at the top end of your price range, because you do want to minimize scratching and moisture, and my experience is at least that you get what you pay for with covers. Maybe someone else will make a specific recommendation for both of us. Let folks know if you are looking for an outdoors cover for parking on the driveway or inside the garage like I am.
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Cal Car Cover

they have a huge variety of covers. I'm sure you'll find something to fit your needs.
Ya i saw that one.... think its anygood?
100 % satisfaction guarantee looks like alot of positive feedback.
You get what you pay for?

Especially with car stuff....someone tries to sell you something for a super low price and promises high quality....might as well see if they include magic beans with that ;()
Cover king Satin car cover, This is a light custom fit but not cheap indoor cover I plan on buying and was recomended to me by another Senior member. I plan on putting this on first after the car is clean and then putting on the 5 layer outdoor cover over it and securing it for next winter as my car will be sitting outside in Alaska and the wind blows here in the winter. Thats the best plan I have for now until I build a shop.
The cover king Satin cover is around $ 300.00 and the outside cover is Auto Armour and I got it on Ebay for around $85.00 with shipping. Good luck
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