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Not a strictly Mopar fan, but a gear head. Love them all and have had most of them. Every different manufacturer. The list is long.

There were +'s and -'s to them all. I was looking to get out of my 07 H2 Hummer that was ticking me off with being in the shop all the time for little things. My search was narrowed down to 3 models only:

1. 2010 Camaro (50k tax in)
Still had the sour taste of the Hummer (GM parts fail) -
No Nav -
Dash set up -
Back seat for my 16 yr.old daughter -
426 hp +
Looks +/-
Sight line driving -
Seeing them on dealer lots as trade ins after they just came out (Feb.2010) -

2. 2010 GT-500 Vert ( 69k tax in)
Back end -
Back seat room 50/50
Price with tax -
Too many Mustangs Around -
The rest I really liked

3. 2010 Challenger SRT8 ($58 all in)
Well I bought it, so it did everything the Camaro didn't. Loved the look better than the GT-500, and was priced right in between the other 2.

It fit my needs for what I was going to use it for. Not many around. My wife absolutely loves it. It was her pick right off the bat. She uses it as her daily driver weather permitting. It draws, sorry, commands attention like nothing else on the road.

She had 4 requests and I agreed with 3 of them. 6 speed, Sunroof, SRT, and Black. I have enough trouble keeping it clean as I like it with HO let alone black.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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