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-road presence/gravitas
-enough room for 6'2" driver and 4 real adults
-big trunk
-driving experience/feel
-'11 suspension/chassis/steering upgrades
-Brembo brakes
-392 Hemi engine upgrade
-DWB/white stripe paint scheme

In the end though, it's all about emotion. I don't care what kind of numbers the competition puts up, if a personal use muscle car doesn't melt your brain, stir your heart, and grab you by the jewels and say 'drive me like you stole me', it's not worth owning. The Challenger does that for me, the competition doesn't.

Countless strangers walk up and gawk at the 392 - gas stations, car wash, parking lots, cruise nights - it's like a magnet. Mustangs and Camaros parked near it might was well be invisible.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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