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the main reason is 5 passenger.....i may have went with the Camaro is i could fit my 3 kids in it....the Camaro isnt perfect at all , but for similar performance and a $8-10k savings i probably would have gotten a Green SS

the Challenger looks better and now for 2011 it performs better...

i think Chevy has a much better build quality....i dont see damaged $50k cars at a Chevy dealership(i saw a IE in horrible condition w/9 miles on the OD)....i knew the Challenger would need more future repairs and have more issues....i wanted a fast/muscle car and the challenger was what fit my family....

Im glad that the 2011 performance is ahead of the Camaro.....i have another new Chevy and am used to the hard dashboard....i think the Camaro interior is much more stylish than the Challenger, but agree w/ most that the Camaro interior looks cheaper(can it be better and cheaper?)...when you sit in the Camaro the 1st impression is WOW....when you sit in the Challenger you say 'its nice'.....

The Styling of the Challenger is a work of Art!....i can stare at it and examine it for hours...the Camaro has a nice looking front, a decent/retro side view and a horrible looking back end

Mustang has a nice interior(style wise), but looks horrible outside....very tiny...i had a 1990 5.0 and had so many problems i vowed to never buy Ford it would have never been a consideration.....based upon performance only the Ford 2011 5.0 is an incredible value....i can see why Ford sells tons of them...

Very happy with my IE...if i had 2 kids i probably would have went Camaro or considered a Shelby(even though its a Ford)...if i had no kids i would have gotten a Vette
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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