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Lets face it, if we're spending that kind of money on a challenger, we had the option of spending it on alot of other cars out there. But we chose the challenger(for good reason!!).

Why did you?

I did( GWE on order), because nothing out there compares to it in road presence alone. The WOW factor of this car to me is something that I didn't see in the competition. If I didn't go with the challenger, my second choice would have been the camaro, but the WOW factor of that car to me is far below that of the challenger. Can't you tell I'm going NUTS waiting on mine!!!:headbang:
My brothers were MOPAR guys and we were always going to the dealerships and races. Their favorite was the Challenger, hence, it became my favorite. I always loved the clean lines of the original. Once they reintroduced it in 2008 (?) I knew I was in trouble. Took a couple of years but I finally got one.

I'm 50 now and not so much of a speed demon or racer. I like the fact that the Challenger has such good looks, a great powerplant, a 6 speed, lots of room and it's comfortable and a great touring machine.

Hope that answers your question.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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