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i was going to buy a black caddy EXT in june , and i started watching the roads and seen them everywhere, i wanted something somewhat unique and that wasn't it. i looked at a astin martin DB7 and almost pulled the trigger on that but something didn't feel right with it when i test drove it, the fit for me wasn't there . i looked at Z06 but no good for family cruses. i had a camaro 22 vert in'02 didnt want another. i looked at everything and didn't even consider a challenger. i went to the dealer with my brother when he was dealing on a jeep and walked the lot. i saw the row of challengers and walked to the end and saw the FF srt-8 had a look in side saw the sixgear and window sticker of 54k. didnt think anything of it. a week later i told my wife about the "pink" challenger with the shoe polish writing on the window from december ( it was mid feb then) she said to ask about it and keep an eye on it. i called the dealer and they offered me 6k off msrp and within 2k of what i wanted for my trade. i countered at 8k off msrp, and 1k more on my trade + cover,splash guards and bright door sill plates and the deal was done. next day i drove it home in the slush and the muck and havn't driven it since.
the real connection for me was because my wife's very first car was a '74 cuda, 360 auto car, was repainted in panther pink with a black white interior. when i sat in the FF for the first time and looked to the passenger side i had an instant vision of her with poofy 80's hair and acid wash denim! sold right there, i would have paid full msrp and given them my trade LOL for the memories that brought back to me.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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