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You chose your Challenger over the competition because......

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Lets face it, if we're spending that kind of money on a challenger, we had the option of spending it on alot of other cars out there. But we chose the challenger(for good reason!!).

Why did you?

I did( GWE on order), because nothing out there compares to it in road presence alone. The WOW factor of this car to me is something that I didn't see in the competition. If I didn't go with the challenger, my second choice would have been the camaro, but the WOW factor of that car to me is far below that of the challenger. Can't you tell I'm going NUTS waiting on mine!!!:headbang:
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lets see,

The challenger is bigger, slower, heavier and cost more than the camaro. Not a mustang fan so did not even look at it.

The camaro has no usable back seats. I have had 4 camaros and 2 trans ams.

I traded a 2007 C6 vette for my challenger and love it a lot more than the vette.

I think the Challenger is the best looking of the 3 pony (ok, fat ponies)cars in my opinion. I had a 1970 challenger and this new one looks so much like it compared to how the new camaro looks like an old 60's camaro.

I needed a car with seating for me, daugher and grand daughter and this fit the bill to a T.

I would of been absolutely in heaven if the Challenger was in the same price range at the SS camaro.

I have only put 60 miles on it but am loving every mile.
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Yes the Challenger is bigger, and does it cost more? The answer is yes. Now is the car Heavier? Again you are correct. However, I have to disagree with you on the Challenger being slower then the Camaro especially if you are referring to the 392 SRT8 because that is clearly not the case. As far as the 6.1, in my opinion its a toss up. Lastly the Challenger is a muscle car not pony car and believe me there is a difference.

No bashing intended. to me you compare the:
SS Camaro to the RT Challenger (apples to apples - 390hp RT vs 420 SS)

The 6.4 Challenger should be compared to the new ZL1 Camaro (470hp SRT vs projected 550hp ZL1) not the SS Camaro. Same dollars.

The 6.4 SRT Challenger should also be compared to the Ford GT350. (470hp 6.4 SRT vs 550 GT 350 ) Now this one is not fair because of pricing

ZL1 will come to market for around 50k
6.4 SRT - mine had a 48k+ sticker
the Fort 350 GT according to Road and Track is priced at 80K+

I will compare my 6.4 SRT to my C6 base vette. But would not compare it to a Z06 even though the 6.4 SRT is closer in HP to the Z06 then my 2007 base which was rated at 400hp and the Z06 rated at 505.

If you want to compare to Z06 or ZR1 you compare the SRT Viper or ACR Viper to those.

Again no bashing, I am loving the SRT and it is priced around the same as the ZL1 Camaro projected price.

Sorry about pony car comment. the old mustang and camaro's were pony cars. never knew what they classified Challengers in back then and I had a 1970 Challenger RT with the 383 magnum.
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OK, like I said, not bashing. so has anyone run the 392 against a stock SS camaro yet or a stock base C6 (non Z06 or ZR1)? both make 430hp, they are both lighter, the 392 makes 470 hp correct? but weighs more. I would guess the 392 will run slower, but what do I know.

Again, I do not buy a car and think its the be all end all and no other cars could possibly be faster. I traded my c6 for the challenger because I need 4 seats and I love the look of the challenger and glad they now have a version that has some cool HP and potential.
Well there are several variables we can compare or look at here. We can match horsepower for horsepower, price tag for price tag, hell we can even throw in the weight factor. The Camaro SS and the SRT8 Challenger is a fair match in my opinon as far as horsepower concern 425 vs. 426.

The Ford GT350 would be a great comparison for the SRT8 6.4 only if the Challenger 6.4 was supercharged like the GT350. Thats is the fair way to do things (Modification for Modification). Ford always Supercharge their high end muscle/pony cars hmmm I wonder why.

The ZL1 is around the same price as the SRT8 6.4. Also the ZL1 is supercharged.

Somebody on this site please tell me how in the world is the 6.1 Challengers posting the same if not better 0-60 times as the Camaros and Mustangs when the Challenger out weight a tank (so they say)? I got one word that I believe is the answer........HEMI. Now supercharge that.

The ACR out runs the ZR1. However, the ACR is a V-10 while the ZR1 is a V-8.
no arguments here. Yes the ACR is a V10 but the ZR1has a blower. never thought I would see a vette with a factory blower.

as for fords, they can't seam to make power without a blower.

Only thing I care about is that we have all of these high horsepower American cars to choose from and enjoy and trash talk about whats best. great time to be a car guy right? even with the bad economy.
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