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You chose your Challenger over the competition because......

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Lets face it, if we're spending that kind of money on a challenger, we had the option of spending it on alot of other cars out there. But we chose the challenger(for good reason!!).

Why did you?

I did( GWE on order), because nothing out there compares to it in road presence alone. The WOW factor of this car to me is something that I didn't see in the competition. If I didn't go with the challenger, my second choice would have been the camaro, but the WOW factor of that car to me is far below that of the challenger. Can't you tell I'm going NUTS waiting on mine!!!:headbang:
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Challenger 392 SRT8.......there is no substitute
The 6.4 Challenger should be compared to the new ZL1 Camaro (470hp SRT vs projected 550hp ZL1) not the SS Camaro. Same dollars.

ZL1 will come to market for around 50k

Again no bashing, I am loving the SRT and it is priced around the same as the ZL1 Camaro projected price.
ZL1 base price will be at least 50k....could be more

2011 SRT8 base price is 42,555....thats more than a 7k diff
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