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It kicked my butt putting this sale together so enjoy!
Having to go through hundreds of products to get this sale up, I wouldnt be surprised if I missed 1...2...50... items to be discounted, so if you feel an item you want isnt getting the proper discount, PM me or call the shop with the part# and we will get it fixed.
We are running this sale from now until 11:59PM Monday. No coupons needed, discounts are applied when added to cart.

Discounted Items:

Tuning & Tuners
Level1 CMR tune
Level2 CMR tune
Level4 CMR tune
Diablosport I-1000,I1000-DCX,T-1000

Engine Components
HHP/BES blocks
HHP/BES heads
Cold Air Intakes
Spark Plugs (Brisk/NGK)
HHP/BES Cams/packages

Power Adders
Kenne Bell kits
Nitrous Outlet Nitrous Products
Zex Nitrous Products
Procharger Kits
Vortec Kits
Magnacharger Kits
Edelbrock Kits
Hellion Turbo Kits


Gforce Axles
FTI Converters
Driveshaft Shop Axles & Driveshafts
Wavetrac Products
Razors Edge Products
Weld Wheels
Bogart Wheels
Paramount Products
Pettys Garage Products
Getrag Clutch Upgrade Kits
Suspension Parts/Kits

Misc Parts
Brake Pads & Rotors
Fore Fuel System Products

For the quickest response, please call the shop 888-894-1115
For sales questions use extension 306 for Don. (out till Monday so call his cell and bother him)
For tech questions use 302 for Bruce.
For tuning questions use 301 for Josh.
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