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I have seen the results with Zaino, so I recently purchased the kit....question is: for a brand new 2011 392 Billet Silver, is it necessary to wash the car with a "Dove/dishwasher soap" before I apply etc....will it keep the clear coat safe?
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new purchase.

Sal Zaino recommends Dawn (the regular blue stuff) in his instructions to help ensure the finish is free of all other products. And yes, while Dawn is good at stripping old waxes/sealants from surfaces, it is safe for use on your car for this purpose. ….I could even go into the fact that there are dedicated car wash soaps with higher pH levels than Dawn.

Products like Z-2 & Z-5 need a clean surface to adhere to according to Sal (for optimum results). I would simply follow his directions to make sure you get the most out of the products you purchased.

Also, dont trust myself with a claybar....if I dont try it and apply the Zaino will it be for naught? thanks.
Claying is really not that difficult to get the hang of. However, it can leave light (but noticeable) marring depending on several factors (i.e. technique, paint hardness, clay characteristics, etc.) especially with those new in its use. For those that are following up with a buffer/polish, it’s not that big of a deal. ….but if you’re doing it all by hand, the finish is already relatively blemish-free and you had no plans to polish, then you should take extra care while claying until you are comfortable that your process is not causing other issues that you will later need to address.

As for whether you even need a claybar or not will depend entirely on the present condition of your finish. If you understand the need/use of clay in detailing, then you will come to realize if it is even something you currently need. It’s not something that is “absolutely” necessary, but if you have noticeable contamination on the surface of your finish (i.e. you can feel grittiness), I would recommend using it. I would recommend it anyway on a new car but then again, I’m also the kind of guy who would want to do a full decon using a product like Valugaurd ABC or FinishKare Decon kit.
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